Premier Passport

The Premier Passport is a ground breaking new initiative for aspirational young entrepreneurs who wish to own their own business. The passport scheme recruits, trains and mentors the candidate through a comprehensive programme of both theoretical and practical units of study, whilst providing on the job live business experiences. Candidates learn at their own pace, with a pre agreed timeframe and the end objective of running and owning their own Premier business. Candidates will be profiled upon approval so that each training journey is tailored to the strengths and the key areas of development needed. Prior qualifications and learning experiences will also be mapped against recognised National Occupational Standards, streamlining the journey where appropriate.

Why has it been created?

Premier Education Group has a long and successful history of providing support, training and business guidance to talented individuals who wish to operate a Premier physical activity business. The recruitment process is stringent to ensure that we only award the business opportunity to those who have the required skills, competences and drive to run a Premier business. We often engage with candidates in our recruitment processes who have some or all of the key competencies to become a business owner, however lack support in other areas.

Common examples being:

  • Lack of business experience
  • Lack of funding or ineligible for funding
  • Lack of job environment skills or always been in education
  • Lack of opportunity in existing network

As a result of the above reasons a number of potentially excellent candidates are not able to meet the required entry level. Furthermore we recognise that there is a vast array of talented people within the Premier network and externally, who with the right support and structure have the opportunity to become future Premier business owners. We need look no further than our existing top performing Premier Sport franchise owners for success. The majority starting their career as sports coaches before having the opportunity to operate a Premier business. The result of this initiative will be that we will provide a structure to recruit, retain, develop and offer a clear career path for those talented individuals who want to take control of their career. Strategically we cannot afford to be solely reliant on traditional recruitment markets as they may slow down or the calibre of the candidate may vary. Therefore, going forward we envisage the Passport initiative will provide Premier and its business partners with a constant level of high quality individuals to continue the expansion of the network.

Who is eligible?

A typical candidate would be aged 18 to 30 and has an aspiration to own their own business. There is a clear and defined recruitment process for the candidate and upon an expression of interest; we would carry out our staged interview process. This will include candidate profiling and competency testing. Successful candidates would then be required to be teamed up with a Premier business mentor prior to commencement of the scheme.

How will I find a Premier business mentor?

For those candidates who are already in the Premier network, maybe working as an Activity Professional, then an obvious place to start would be your existing business manager or a neighbouring one. The proposed Premier business mentor would need to write a letter of support stating that they wish to mentor you through the process. For external candidates we will have an approved team of Premier business mentors that will mentor candidates in their local area.

What if there isn’t a territory available once I’ve finished my training?

The process is very much started with the end in mind, how disheartening it would be to complete your training and not be able to put your new skills into practice. During the interview stages the exit route would also be constructed and agreed, with a number of possible solutions considered.

  • Going in to business on your own
  • Going in to business with your business mentor
  • Going in to business with Premier Education Group
  • Going in to business locally or relocating

The most important thing is that the exit route works for all parties concerned and that all opportunities are considered before settling on the best fit.

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